First, pray for our students. Most of them are in very difficult situations. They are giving up a lot to be in the Lord's ministry and your prayers are a great way to bless them.

Second, pray for our teachers. They feel called to go and teach these great students, but it is not a cakewalk. Pray for their physical health and protection as well as their spiritual health and protection.

Third, pray for the Advance leadership. Pray with us that we will have the discernment to know when and where the Lord is leading us to open new schools.


If the Lord leads you to go and teach, don't hesitate to go. He will provide for you to go and your experience and knowledge are certainly needed.


As with any mission work there are financial needs. Since we don't have any full-time employees or buildings, our work is cost effective. Your donation or the donation are greatly appreciated and will be used in the most effective way to fund our present schools as well as to open new ones.  

Donations can be made using the button below or by a check made payable to Advance International and mailed to:

Advance International

C/O Phil Walker

P O Box 5713

Brandon MS 39047