Advance International has experienced tremendous growth in East Asia since 2011. We have conducted training in over 36 locations throughout the region. Our student enrollment exceeded 2,100 students over the last ten years. By God’s grace, we were able to complete over 550 classes, with over 500 graduating from our training program.

    A significant development in our work came with the cultivation of qualified Asian teachers who live in-country. These teachers have earned, accredited theological Masters degrees and have experience in pastoral ministry. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, we were able to continue training throughout the region through these Asian partners. As a result, 10 classes were completed in 2020 with an enrollment of 115 students.

    Another expansion of our work in 2020 was the video recording of our 8 courses. These recordings have expanded our outreach to more pastors and church workers. The videos provide a helpful tool for our partners who can oversee Advance training in their context. 

    In 2021, we faced continued restrictions because of the pandemic. Yet, we were able to maintain our active centers throughout East Asia with a number of students completing the requirements for graduation. We believe the Lord Jesus Christ opens doors which no one is able to shut (Rev. 3:8), and we praise Him for these advances in training pastors and church workers. We are hopeful that the pandemic will ease in the coming year, and we will have opportunity to return to this region with more resources for gospel advance and the strengthening of the church. Thank you for your prayer and support in this work.

    Advance International East Asia Director: Jim Law

  • Kenya

    The Theological Education Team of the Baptist Mission of Kenya (IMB) has launched two AI sites among Maasai associations and have five other prospective sites around the country.


    One of those sites is the Matapato Baptist Bible School. Built a number of years ago by Southern Baptists, the school rests between a former missionary house and a meeting house for the local church. Unfortunately, the school sat unused for 10 years until the initiation of the AI program.


    The students are hungry for sound biblical teaching as formal theological education programs were not accessible due to cost and distance. The AI program fits nicely into the Theological Education Team’s diversified strategy. In this strategy we are bringing biblically-sound, academic theological programs to the closest local level as possible (local church, association, etc.). By so doing we are able to keep costs down, making education affordable and accessible.

    The other site is Ilmamen Baptist Church located in Kajiado County, which is in southern Kenya. The training site was established in September 2021, and it is composed of leaders who are excited for this opportunity to have robust theological training. Most of the leaders are Maasai, so both of the sites in Kajiado County are strategic locations to strengthen the numerous Maasai churches in the region.

    These two schools are entering their final year and they will graduate 27 students in the spring!

    Advance International Sub-Saharan Africa Director: James Bledsoe


    Our IMB partners in TAIWAN have really been busy!  They have completed 1 class in both Taitung and Taipei and will be opening two more schools in 2023 in Kaohsiung and Taichung.  Also, they plan to open a school in Hong Kong in 2023.  


    Taiwanese Director:  Guffy


    We are excited about the launch of the first Advance center in Japan! In November of 2022, we taught our first course, Discipleship, to three students. We have begun translating our curriculum into Japanese and have reconnected with a number of our IMB partners who have supported Advance training in other regions of East Asia. We are hopeful about the development of future centers throughout the country. Japan is a new field with new challenges, but we remain confident that the gospel is the power of God unto salvation (Rom. 1:16), and that one of the best ways for the gospel to spread is by investing in local pastors. We trust the Lord to open doors for future ministry on this island nation. If you are interested in knowing more about our work in Japan, please contact our East Asia coordinator, Dr. James Law at:  (cell) 225-247-3185 or email at:   (We are reaching out to pastors in Japan for a possible connection for Advance training.  One pastor Jim met on a recent visit is Osamu Matsumoto, who is an NOBTS graduate and has pastored Kobe Nishi Baptist Church for over 20 years.)

  • dominican republic

    La Romana serves as the site for Advance International Dominican Republic. Located on the coast and surrounded by sugar cane fields, this location provides theological education for students of various backgrounds and occupations. Advance International Dominican Republic typically holds classes all day Friday and Saturday with exams on Sunday afternoon after church two to four times a year. Classes consist of 25-35 pastors, teachers, and church leaders, both men and women of all ages, who serve local churches in a variety of capacities. Though primarily a cooperative ministry of the William Wallace Baptist Association and Baptist Associations of Southeastern Louisiana, instructors come from churches and theological institutions throughout the United States.


    Advance International Dominican Republic Director: Keith Sheridan

    Advance International Dominican Republic Site Coordinator: Polo Savenit



    Located in an area near the capital and surrounding mountain villages, Advance International Honduras holds classes in the Valle de Angeles, Honduras. Classes are offered in the fall and the spring of each year with each fall and spring session including two classes per session that are held over a five day period. Typically the classes run from Wednesday through Sunday. Students include a great mix of young men called to ministry as well as older men who are currently serving in ministry.

    Advance International Honduras Director: Dr. Joel Williams

    Advance International Honduras On-Site Coordinator: Mario Barahona

  • First class of Advance International Namibia


    Our school is hosted by Christian Baptist Church in Ongwediva, Namibia. Pastors and church leaders from across Northern Namibia and Southern Angola attend. Teachers are David Warren, Pastor of FBC Seymour, Texas and Chris McLain, Pastor of FBC Bandera, Texas. We hope to return in January 2022 as we have 13 more potential graduates that need 2 more classes.

    Advance International Namibia Director: David Warren


    By the grace of our Lord, 11 local pastors and church leaders are going through the theological training at the AIN center. We are so blessed and so thankful for the teachers that are coming from the states, who are not only full of biblical knowledge but also full of spirituality.  As people hear about our program, more and more pastors want to study and other churches offer their facilities for our class. We pray that we can serve more students at the new and more convenient location next year.  Please pray for our students that they all attend and learn the words as they are filled with the Holy Spirit.

    Advance International Nicaragua Director: Dr. Sung Kim


Our schools fall into two groups. The schools in East Asia, Japan, Kenya, and Taiwan are funded and administrated over directly by Advance International. 

Occasionally we have people who have a real passion to start a school in a country where they are serving. If this is true for you, then unfortunately we cannot start a new school for you, but if you will find people, churches, or organizations that are willing to raise the necessary funds to pay for the expenses of the school, and you are willing to administrate over the schools (find local leaders, local students, meeting location, teachers, translators, etc.), then we can partner with you to make sure you meet the requirements so your students can receive the Biblical Ministries Certificate from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

If you would like more information on how to start a school, please contact Advance International President Phil Walker.