Need a School Started?

   Our schools fall into two groups.  The 20 schools in East Asia are funded and administrated over directly by Advance International.  At the present time these are the only schools we are able to fund and lead.  However, we plan to open new schools in 2021 in Africa, Japan, Thailand and South and Central America.  

    Occasionally we have people who have a real passion to start a school in a country where they are serving.  If this is true for you, then unfortunately we cannot start a new school for you, but if you will find people, churches, or organizations that are willing to raise the necessary funds to pay for the expenses of the school, and you are willing to administrate over the schools (find local leaders, local students, meeting location, teachers, translators, etc.), then we can partner with you to make sure you meet the requirements so your students can receive the Pastoral Ministries Certificate from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  This is how all the partner schools in countries other than East Asia came about.  

If you would like more information on how to start a school, please email me at 

Phil Walker

President, Advance International