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Dr. Sung Kim

Dr. Sung Kim has opened a new Advance International School in San Benito, Nicaragua.  However, they consider the whole 6 million Nicaraguans as their target population.

They had their first class in March with Dr. Bong Choi from Atlanta teaching New Testament Survey.  There were  11 students, of whom 9 were pastors and their wives.  However, the next class in June was cancelled due to civil unrest in Nicaragua and the class in September was also rescheduled to February of 2019. 
There was a brief fellowship/lunch meeting with the students in September to encourage and motivate them to continue their study and ministry despite all the problems they have been facing due to the political situation in the country..  There was also a dental clinic at the church that is led by one of the students to help their outreach effort.  They were able to recruit two more students and had their second class in November with Dr. Norm Duncan teaching Evangelism class for 13 students.  

Here is a picture of the first class:

They had their third class, "Christian Doctrine", during 2/26-27 with Dr. HueiKwang Shin from KTI in Atlanta.  There were twelve students signed up for the class, but only 8 students attended.  Due to the economic problem arising from last year's civil unrest, many local pastors are forced to find full time jobs to support their family.  Some of our students just could not get excuse from work to attend the class.  We continue to pray that the economy recovers quickly so that all of our students would be able to attend future classes without any disruptions.

The Christian Doctrine class taking their exam.  

They had two classes in 2019, one in February and the other in April. Several of thestudents/pastors were not able to come to the class because the bad economy of the country forced them to find and work full time jobs to support their family. However, other students were able to attend and study both subjects as they were filled with the Holy Spirit. Thank God for Dr. H. Shin form Tennessee and Dr. David Yi from Texas. We praise God for sending those teachers who are pastors as well as professors from NOBTS and for their selfless service to teach God’s words to our students. We are also humbly thankful that He uses us to continue this ministry. 

We had our 5th class during 6/11-13 with 10 pastors/ students attended.  It was a spirit filled experience.  Some of the students took three days off from their secular work that feeds their family to attend the class out of desires for the Word.  We were proud of their decisions to study the word but a little sad to see them suffer financially.  Dr. Charles Stahl who is a retired pastor from Texas and has a ministry of teaching pastors in needy countries all over the world taught Homiletics class this time.  We were all overwhelmed by his wisdom, humility, and spirituality.  All of us thanked God for sending Him to teach.  Please pray that our pastors/students be filled with the word of God, the passion for sharing the Gospel, and the deepest love of our Lord Jesus Christ so that they can build and lead healthy churches.      




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