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Director: Ronnie Serworwora

Christianity entered West Borneo in the late 50s and was well accepted by the animists.  Statistics in 2010 reports that there are about 1.4 million Christians among some 4.4 million people in West Borneo.  However, many of this so-called Christians are still syncretistic in their belief.  Small congregations can easily be found in areas that are predominantly Dayak ( one of the native tribes). While Christianity seems to be well-received, there is a great need for the maturity of believers.  For the most part this is a result of the limited theological training of the area pastors.  Lack of on-going training and mentoring system has actually caused some of them to leave the ministry.

 After partnering and providing theological training for Jakarta Baptist Theological Seminary for the last seven years, Advance International Indonesia has decided to expand their ministry beyond the Jakarta area.  God has shown us an area in West Borneo where hundreds of pastors are in need of a solid theological training.  Most of these pastors are bi-vocational, either working as farmers, school teachers, or other jobs.  Ronny Serworwora and a couple of pastors from Memphis, TN, have done an initial pastor training in 2013 and were surprised by the enthusiasm of these pastors. Some of the pastors in attendance live as far as 100 miles away and literally had to come by boats or scooters for several hours to get to the training.

Our two Indonesian sites are Waipia and Tobelo.  

Waipia, Seram Island, East Indonesia

Eli and Rina received a diploma from Advance International at Jakarta Baptist Theological Seminary. God sent this wonderful couple to a remote rural area in the Province of Maluku where Eli was born and raised. Eli pastored a church planted by his grandfather in 1980. The scope of their ministry is beyond one denomination and they were trusted to lead a fellowship of evangelical pastors in the area. The need of a solid pastoral training in Waipia reminded them of the Advance International program. God opened the door for them to start the first class with 38 pastors and church leaders in the summer of 2017. So far, this first class has completed 6 out of 8 classes and will soon receive their diploma. The sacrifice of the instructors is beyond what you can imagine. They literally use all three modes of transportations to get there: airplane, boat, and car. It takes a total of three days to travel from the US to Waipia, but it’s all worth it when they see the hunger of these pastors for the training.  Here is a picture of the class at Waipia.

The second location of Advance’s school in Indonesia is located in a small city of Tobelo, North Maluku Province, one of the nation's smallest provinces with approximately 1.2 million people. We partner with the Union of Indonesian Baptist Churches in supporting their missions by providing theological trainings for the pastors and church leaders. Five out of 25 students in this location take a three-day journey for the training while the rest spend hours on the bus. Although we just started two years ago, we have had a lot of results. Two new churches have been planted by the students and three of them are now full time students at our partner school: Jakarta Baptist Theological Seminary. The Tobelo school has completed four classes and still needs instructors to complete the rest of the program.

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