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The work in Honduras is progressing well by God’s grace. In February 2018, we graduated 15 students from the first cohort, and early this month, we graduated another student from the first group of students. The student who just graduated was in a serious accident and has been unable to walk for several months. He was in a wheelchair, but he had worked hard in rehab to build up the strength to attend the session and complete the certificate program. In October 2018, we also started our second cohort of students, with around 22 new students who enrolled in the program and attended the first session. We have another great mix of students, ranging in age, location, and call.

Graduation 2018

Edwin’s graduation in October 2018

Some of the second cohort students



Advance International Honduras

     Advance International Honduras is excited to congratulate its first group of graduates!  Fifteen men will receive a certificate in pastoral ministries from NOBTS on the afternoon of March 4, 2018! Registration for the fall is open, and prospective students can contact Advance International Honduras via email at for more information.

     Located in an area near the capital and surrounding mountain villages, Advance International Honduras holds classes in the Valle de Angeles, Honduras.  Classes are offered in the fall and the spring of each year with each fall and spring session including two classes per session that are held over a five day period.  Typically the classes run from Wednesday through Sunday.  Students include a great mix of young men called to ministry as well as older men who are currently serving in ministry.

Joel Williams, who is the senior pastor at FBC St. Francisville, Louisiana, is the director for the Advance International Honduras school. Mario Barahona is the on-site coordinator for the school in Honduras. Dr. Williams and Mario can be contacted by e-mail at  



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